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The province of KwaZulu-Natal considers people living with HIV as a key population in the response to HIV & AIDS. Of the estimated six million people living with HIV, one million and six hundred thousand of those live in KZN. It is imperative therefore that this key population group directly affected by HIV and AIDS along with the indirectly affected significant others openly tell their stories.

Greetings in the most powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am a woman who is living a positive life with HIV, I was diagnosed in 1996 and it was not easy. I was
angry, frustrated, in denial and most of all I was afraid of death. It took some time to accept my HIV status and that cost me my job as I was an educator that time, I was failing to cope because of denial, but one day I sat down and talk to myself because after all it was me who was suffering. I told myself that I am going to fight
this virus no matter what, firstly I accepted that I am living with this virus and I have to start ARVs because I was already due for them.



Testimony from Isolezwe Newspaper of 13 August 2013.




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