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“Three Ones” principles of (1) One Coordination Authority (2) One Plan and (3) One Monitoring & Evaluation Framework in the Province

During the year 2013/2014 the Chief Directorate HIV & AIDS continues to consolidate the “Three Ones” principles of (1) One Coordination Authority (2) One Plan and (3) One Monitoring & Evaluation Framework in the Province. First mooted about fifteen years ago by the Joint Unite Nation Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) these principles have been applied across the world as tools to promote a coordinated and effective response within an increasingly multi-sectoral response to HIV & AIDS.
The Chief Directorate has various projects that it is currently pursuing as part of this consolidation. These are as follows:

 Finalisation and adoption of the multi-sectoral Operational Plan 2013/2014 for HIV & AIDS, STIs and TB
 Monitoring implementation of the KZNPSP 2012-2016
 Provincial Council on AIDS
 World AIDS Day 2013
 Partnership Conference 2013
 Leadership Conference 2013
 Business Sector Engagement
 Behavioural Change Campaign
 Training of Ward AIDS Committee
 Key Population Support
 Sector Support
 District AIDS Council and Local AIDS Council Support

Finalisation and adoption of the multi-sectoral Operational Plan 2013/2014 for HIV & AIDS, STIs and TB: This year’s operational plan has been developed with the inputs and participation of all stakeholders. Various meetings, workshops and presentations on development of the operational plan have taken place. It is aimed at giving guidance to implementation of activities for the specific year as the province moves towards realising the response goals.

Monitoring implementation of the KZNPSP 2012-2016: The availability of one overarching provincial monitoring and evaluation system allows the directorate to monitor implementation of response activities in a more coordinated and effective manner. District quarterly reports are submitted to the Province on a regular basis and presented to the Provincial Council on AIDS meetings by district chairpersons. Currently a call has been made for submission of second quarter 2013/2014 reports.

The Provincial AIDS Council: The Provincial Council on AIDS meets regularly on a quarterly basis. The secretariat ensures that the PCA meetings take place through carrying out the necessary technical and logistical arrangements for both the provincial based and district based stakeholders. Preparations have already started for the upcoming PCA to be held within the month of Novenber 2013.

The World AIDS Day: Every year on December 01, the World AIDS day is commemorated across the world to highlight wide ranging HIV and AIDS and TB Issues. The directorate facilitates leads and provides guidance to provincial and district level stakeholders to commemorate this event within their district. Preparations for this event are already underway. The World AIDS Day will launch the revitalisation of HCT Campaign which includes HIV Counselling and Testing, TB Screening, Hypertension and Diabetis screening and advocate for acceleration on male medical circumcision.

The Partnership Conference against HIV & AIDS: The partnership conference against HIV and AIDS in an annual provincial event where all stakeholders come together to take stock of progress made in responding to HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB. This year’s event has been planned for November 2013. The secretariat of the PCA has commenced with the required preparations that span identifying and contacting stakeholders, to ensuring the co-ordination of the technical content that shows achievements and progress that has been made by this Province in fighting HIV and AIDS, TB and STI's and the gaps that reflects the aspirations of the Province and its stakeholders.

Business Sector Engagement: The Province constantly engages with a cross section of sectors as part of seeking and sustaining support to the response initiatives. These engagements also provide the Provincial Government an opportunity to further understand sector policies and ideas on the response. The. Office of the Premier was involved in the preparations and hosting of the champions of industry dinner in July 2013 that was attended by the Provincial Government leadership.
Behavioural Change Campaigns: Mobilisation and awareness activities on a range of issues such as Prevention, anti-gender based violence and other social issues for specific age groups and members of the community form centre stage of the non-health based responses in the Province. This has been facilitated by implementing mobilisation and awareness activities focussing on in-school and out of school youth across the Province.

Training of Ward AIDS Committees: Establishment and training of Ward AIDS committees continues as part of the Provincial effort to strengthen coordination under the one coordinating authority principle of the “Three Ones”. The unit has been providing technical guidance to this training throughout the year 2013.

Key Population Support: The secretariat of PCA works with key populations organisations and other stakeholders to support response activities of key populations. The key populations currently being supported are the gay & lesbians, truck drivers, miners, men having sex with men, prison inmates and farm workers. Sector Support: The sectors of youth, women, people living with HIV, traditional health practitioners, children and people with disability are supported by the directorate in the implementation of their response activities. Currently this support revolves around the identification of their needs and providing the guidance required in translating these needs to implementable activities.

District AIDS Council and Local AIDS Council Support: Support to these coordination structures is part of strengthening the one coordinating authority principle. The aim of the support is to ensure full functionality of these structures.


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