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Awareness Campaigns
The provincial government is implementing the Operation Sukuma Sakhe Programme (formerly known as the Flagship Programme) which seeks to institute food security, fight disease, in particular HIV, AIDS and TB, and poverty, to empower women and youth, and to instill behavioral change amongst the citizens of the KwaZulu-Natal province.

The Honourable Premier, Dr. Z.L. Mkhize, officially announced in his State of the Province Address that the province intends to lead a high profile grassroots mobilization campaign that aims to instill behavioral change so as to assist in the curbing of the spread of HIV, AIDS and other social ills which are affecting our great province.

So as to achieve this high profile grassroots mobilization campaign the province will be running a number of campaigns with the view of instilling behavioural change and creating awareness in KwaZulu-Natal’s communities with regards to sexual practice and other important health related issues.

As a result the HIV and AIDS Chief Directorate within the Office of the Premier has partnered with a number of high profile South African celebrities and activists with the aim of reaching KwaZulu-Natal’s communities and advocating for positive behavioural change. These partnerships have arisen from the realization that although mass media campaigns are important, communities often gain more insight and can be interacted with far better in direct contact. These partners will, as a result, engage with KZN’s communities directly by traveling to various districts in the province.

Our partners include:


Mdonswa Trading is implementing an education and awareness campaign on HIV, AIDS, food security (with particular focus on the One Home One Garden Campaign which is being implemented by the provincial government) and the factors that contribute to the social ills which affect the province. Most will remember this partner as the famous South African television show Emzini Wezinsizwa. KwaZulu-Natal’s communities have really taken to the campaign run by this cast as they know and admire them from the famous show. They will also be responsible for the comprehensive communication of the following issues to KwaZulu-Natal’s communities:

How to deal with poverty and hunger by advocating the One Home, One Garden campaign.
The promotion of a healthy lifestyle / living positively, irrespective of one’s HIV status.
The encouraging of testing for HIV status.
To promote the culture of embracing people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.
The development of an understanding of Human Rights.
To warn people against having multiple sex partners.

Mdonswa Trading will achieve the above mentioned objectives through the implementation of a number of Road Shows.


TZZ Productions & Entertainment will be running a youth awareness campaign which will be used as a channel to promote awareness of HIV and AIDS issues amongst KZN’s youth, and to encourage youth to abstain from, or practice safe, sex. The name of this campaign is “Angilahli” and is led by the famous South African kwaito star T’zozo.

Target Group:

Sexually active school going and out of school youth (between the ages of 15 and 24years)
Community at large:
- People with more than one partner.
- Women/men in unequal relationships with HIV positive partners who are powerless to negotiate the use of condoms.
- Men and women who are already HIV positive.
- Youth who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.
- Children who are, or have been, sexually and physically abused by family members.

TZZ Productions and Entertainment will be running events in disadvantaged wards in the KZN province. These events will include:

Motivational speaking initiatives.
The participation of various artists, celebrity figures and role models.
Drama, songs and visual arts.
Information talks by various departments such as the Department of Health.

Video Clip
Angilahli HIV and AIDS Awareness School Campaigns


The HIV and AIDS Chief Directorate has also partnered with Musa Njoko Wellness Services, led by Ms. Musa Njoko who is an AIDS activist and famous South Africa Gospel singer who has been living positively with HIV, to lead this behavioural change campaign with a focus on:

Sharing of experiences by Musa Njoko who has been living positively with HIV.
The acceptance of a positive diagnosis.
Dealing with the realities of living with HIV and TB.
Health and wellness management.
Treatment adherence of TB or ARV drugs.
Living a productive life.

This campaign will take the form of motivational talks to audiences which have been identified by the various Districts of the Province in conjunction with the Office of the Premier. Staff from the Department of Health and Office of the Premier also present at these campaigns as back-up to answer any medically orientated questions that may be beyond Ms. Njoko’s scope.


The Office of the Premier has partnered with Tsa-Botsogo Consultancy to train community members in HIV and AIDS community development with a view to develop skills around social and health areas. After the training participants should be able to support people living with HIV, those that are sick with AIDS related diseases, and those struggling with difficulties that come with taking ARV treatment and its side effects.

This programme aims to enhance the health and wellness of individuals and communities by developing their capacity through the providing of:

Information on holistic health as a human right, and as a individual and community development issue.
A sustainable personal health care management model for individuals and community members.
Training and mentoring to improve community health, wellbeing, individual lifestyle and behavioral change.
Technical assistance in support of the good health.

The provincial government will continue to partner with positive role-models who have developed strategies to reach, educate and create awareness amongst KZN’s communities.


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