The KwaZulu-Natal 4IR Policy Guidelines

KZN is ready for 4iR

The Province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) has embarked on a citizen-centric strategy that will direct the digital transformation of the KZN Provincial Government into an all-inclusive digital Province where all citizens can benefit from the opportunities offered by technology.

The 4th Industrial Revolution brings new possibilities for global citizen centricity and also how the KZN Provincial Government can become a Digitally Transformed Province.

This will be done through close partnerships with all Government departments, our commercial partners, universities, citizens, and tourists alike.

As such, the province has developed a policy framework to embrace 4IR in an orchestrated manner. As we bring our traditional ICT platforms to end-of-life in a deliberate and safe manner, we must also focus on containing our future ICT technical debt, whilst simultaneously accounting for the economic and citizen impact using 4IR via a deliberate execution framework.

Digital transformation is progressing at pace and the province acknowledges the continuous effort to plan, do as we say, check our compliant progress and act appropriately in context.

To that end, we have aligned our 4IR ICT vision to the very tenets of our provincial multi-year plan.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our, regulatory aligned, 4IR constructs that can be downloaded from the links below.

To this end, we will embrace engagement with our various departments, internal expertise, commercial partners, research institutes, universities and citizens alike.

This collaboration, insights and recommendations are the basis of Operation Sukuma Sakhe and will undoubtedly lead the KZN Provincial Government to harness the 4IR to create a Citizen-Centric, Modern, Innovative and Digitally enabled KZN Province where technology uplifts human dignity, health, harmony, skills and safety whilst giving citizens a technological gateway to Africa and the World”

DG Nonhlanhla O. Mkhize
Dr. Nonhlanhla O. Mkhize
KwaZulu-Natal Director-General



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