Nongoma Local Municipality

Nongoma Municipality


Contact Details

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Postal: PO Box 84, Nongoma, 3950
Physical: Lot 103, Main Street, Nongoma
Tel: 035 831 7500
Fax: 035 831 3152

Geography, History and Economy

Area: 2 182km²

Description: Nongoma is situated in the north of the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is the most populated municipality in Zululand and the second-largest in terms of its area. It is one of the five local municipalities of the Zululand District Municipality and has three tribal authorities, namely Mandlakazi, Usuthu and Matheni. The area is made up of 21 Wards, with 42 Councillors. Located in the east of the Zululand District Municipality, the municipality has two secondary corridors, which run from Ulundi to Pongola and from Hlabisa to Vryheid.

Cities/Towns: Nongoma

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture

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