AbaQulusi Local Municipality

Abaqulusi Municipality


Contact Details

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Postal: PO Box 57, Vryheid, 3100
Physical: Cnr High & Mark Streets, Vryheid
Tel: 034 982 2133
Fax: 034 980 9637
Web: www.abaqulusi.gov.za

Geography, History and Economy

Area: 4 185km²

Description: AbaQulusi Local Municipality is a local municipality in Zululand in the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is named after the AbaQulusi, a Zulu clan whose descendants live in the vicinity of Vryheid, Utrecht, eDumbe and eNgoje. They hail from different origins but were unified by their allegiance to local Zulu royal homesteads. Historically, they were not drafted into ordinary ‘amabutho' regiments but rather into a royal section, and no ‘umnumzane' chief presented them in the Zulu king's council.

Cities/Towns: Louwsburg, Vryheid

Main Economic Sectors: Wholesale and retail trade (18-20%), manufacturing (14-16%), finance (14%), general government (12-14%), agriculture and forestry (12%), transport, storage and communication (10-12%), community and social services (4-6%)

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