Dannhauser Local Municipality

Amajuba Danhauser



Contact Details


Postal: Private Bag X1011, Dannhauser, 3080
Physical: 8 Church Street, Dannhauser
Tel: 034 621 2666
Fax: 034 621 3114
Web: www.dannhauser.gov.za

Geography, History and Economy

Area: 1 516km²

Description: Dannhauser Local Municipality is named after an old farming family that lived in the area. Dannhauser is one of three local municipalities within the Amajuba District Municipality. It is the smallest municipality within the district.

The town of Dannhauser is located midway between Durban and Johannesburg on the main railway line, about 8km off the national road between the two cities. It is surrounded by some of the largest coal-producing mines in KwaZulu-Natal. Numerous rivers flow through the municipal area, the most important being the Ngagane and uMzinyathi Rivers, and there are scenic landscapes in the western portion of the municipality.

Dannhauser functions as a small rural service centre (providing commercial and service facilities, and agricultural industries and services). It is therefore not a large employment generator. Residents of the municipal area rely on the larger urban centres of Dundee and Newcastle for employment opportunities and higher order goods and services. Investment in commerce has growth prospects.

Cities/Towns: Dannhauser, Hattingspruit
Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, mining (30%), manufacturing (13.8%), services

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