In South Africa, the 'Executive Council' of a Province is the cabinet of the Provincial Government. The Executive Council consists of the Honourable Premier and five to ten other members, who have the title "Member of the Executive Council", commonly abbreviated to "MEC".

MECs are appointed by the Premier from amongst the members of the Provincial Legislature; he or she can also dismiss them. The Provincial Legislature may force the Honourable Premier to reconstitute the council by passing a motion of no confidence in the Executive Council excluding the Premier; if the legislature passes a motion of no confidence in the Executive Council including the Premier, then the Premier and the MECs must resign.

The Premier allocates powers and functions to the MECs; conventionally they are assigned portfolios in specific areas of responsibility. They are accountable to the Provincial Legislature, both individually and as a collective, and must regularly report to the legislature on the performance of their responsibilities.

Hereunder are the Members of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Executive Council.

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Nomusa Dube Ncube
Kwazulu-Natal Premier
Mrs Nomusa Dube-Ncube

Mr Sboniso Armstrong Duma



DSC8897ac MEC Nomagugu Simelene
DSC8804ac DSC8853ac
DSC9109ac Mec Sipho Caiphus Nkosi 
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