Moral Regeneration Movement




Post 1994 South Africans received freedom and their democratically elected new government. The legacy of apartheid manifested itself in different ways; the black on black violence persisted despite the achievement of democracy. People were killing one other, woman abuse escalated, young people were exposed to drugs, teenagers falling pregnant and many more atrocities persisted. Seeing that there is a moral decay in communities and the whole of South Africa, Dr Nelson Mandela introduced the concept of Moral Regeneration Movement which he termed the RDP of the soul. This was an effort to resuscitate morality among the fellow Citizens of South Africa. He then invited the religious leaders to come with solution to fight the moral decay in the society. This led to the formation of the Moral Regeneration Movement. It was also realised that the issue of Moral Regeneration is not the preserve of the religious people only but every citizen and sectors who love this country should join hands in the fight against moral decay.


The month of July is designated as the MRM month in South Africa, there are two rationales behind the naming of July as MRM month, Dr Nelson Mandela’s birthday is on July and that the Charter of positive values was adopted in July 2008 in Water Kloof military airbase in Pretoria. During this month many people are expected to embark on promoting good behaviour in all the spheres of life. Not only should good ethics and behaviour be promoted during this month but throughout the 365 days a year. The MRM month is meant to intensify the struggle against moral decay and open debates on the issues of morality in different corners of our country.


The MRM National office is based in Gauteng under the chairpersonship of Father S. Mkhatshwa. The MRM Patron is every country’s Deputy President, current is Mr Cyril Ramaphosa. All the National resolutions on MRM programmes that are to be cascaded down to all the nine (9) Provinces are decided by the MRM National structure. However, provinces develop their MRM programmes that are aimed at addressing their own relevant challenges.


In KwaZulu Natal the Office of The Premier is the custodian of MRM. The role played by the office of the Premier is the coordination and integration of the MRM district forums and capacitation in order for the forum to function properly. The role of the Premier’s office is to ensure that MRM Forums are launched in all District Municipalities, and also that these Forums are functional at both District and Local Municipalities.

The Office of the Premier has launched the Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) Forums on at least six including Uthungulu with the overall intention of fighting against the moral decays such as, crime, drugs usage, alcohol abuse, abuse of woman and children etc. These forums have to make sure that the services directed to the communities reach them and citizens are treated with dignity they deserve as South African citizens. The promotion of Batho Pele and the KZN citizen’s charter will take the fore front in the MRM.

When these MRM Forums are launched, it is much better to coordinate the integration of different Departmental programs aim at fighting moral decay and many more atrocities within these Districts.


To properly coordinate and integrate the Moral Regeneration activities, the formation of MRM forums is indispensable. Moral Regeneration is a civil society led movement. The office of the Premier is helping to establish these forums throughout all District Municipalities in the Province so as to facilitate the elimination of all social ills. We have witnessed moral decay in Schools, Tertiary Institutions, families, Government institutions, private sector, communities and many more areas in our country. The abuse of women, children, elderly and all the vulnerable groups in our communities have reached the alarming rate. The role of the Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM) Forum is to raise awareness and arm the communities with strategies to fight Moral decay in our country.

Moral Regeneration acknowledges the role played by the NGO’s and other stakeholders in trying to fight the Moral decay in our country.However, it is our belief that the involvement of the civil society will make the fight more effective since all these immoral activities take place within the civil society. It is the reason the civil society should be in the forefront in fighting against these atrocities in their communities. This MRM District Forums should represent all stakeholders within that particular District. Each group will have at least two (2) representatives in the District Forum.

Workshops will be planned for the forums on the Charter of Positive Values and other relevant information that will facilitate their work so that all members become real ambassadors of MRM.

After five years of research such as public hearings and so forth, these are the nine Values in the Charter of Positive Values:

  1. Respect Human Dignity And Equality
  2. Promote Responsible Freedom, The Rule Of law and Democracy
  3. Improve Material Well-Being and Economic Justice
  4. Enhance Sound Family and Community Values
  5. Uphold Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty
  6. Ensure Harmony In Culture, Belief and Conscience
  7. Show Respect and Concern for All People
  8. Strive for Justice, Fairness And Peaceful Co-Existence
  9. Protect The Environment

The Values in the MRM Charter of the Positive Values are the foundation for a Moral sound society if upholded, they will create a South Africa that our forebears fought and died for.


The MRM forum will be a combination of the members of the existing forums and other stakeholders. The following stakeholders have been identified:

  1. Men’s Forum
  2. Religious Leaders Forum
  3. Senior Citizens’ Forum
  4. Women’s Forum
  5. Youth Forum
  6. Traditional Leadership
  7. SGB Forums
  8. HIV and AIDS Activists
  9. Disabled People’s Forum
  10. Community Policing Forum
  11. Traditional Health Practitioners
  12. Tertiary Institutions
  13. SAPS
  14. Correctional Services
  15. Political Leadership
  16. Government Departments
  17. NGOs and CBOs
  18. Business Forum
  19. Academic Forum
  20. Forums Against Drug and Substance Abuse
  21. Structure for Lesbians and Gays.
  22. Other Stakeholders


The District MRM Forum has to embark on the advocacy of the Moral Regeneration and has to develop the strategy to cascade the Moral Regeneration Charter of Positive Values. It is to work with all the structures in the society which aims to resuscitate the Morals. It must be borne in mind that the MRM forum does not aim to replace the good initiatives of Moral Regeneration but to enhance, coordinate and integrate these initiatives for the greater impact and effectiveness in the District and all of its Local Municipalities.

There are National initiatives on Moral Regeneration from the Departments of Art and Culture and the Department of Social Development. The Department of Art and Culture has the Social Cohesion programme and the Department of Social Development has the programme which promotes healthy families. Once the Sisonke District Municipality has launched its MRM Forum, it would be much easier to integrate these programs into the District MRM program for the better of the society.

The MRM forum will receive workshops in order to provide them with capacity on these programmes so that they are cascaded and implemented at the grass root levels. The MRM strongly believes that the strengthening of families and family Values will strengthen the fight against all the social ills and the Moral decay in our communities.


The District MRM Forum will work closely with the District Operation Sukuma Sakhe, local Municipalities and at Ward levels. They will work with all the relevant stakeholders to make sure war rooms are functional. The main aim of the war rooms is to localise the services and identify the needs for the communities for proper interventions. As civil society based forum, it will make sure the interests of the District communities are prioritised and given the attention they deserve.

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