Inter-Governmental Relations

The Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR) unit plays an important function in the Office of the Premier.
The IGR unit in the Office of the Premier provides coordination in Cooperative Governance, Protocol and Government International engagements.
Activities include the following:
  1. Provide strategic advice and analysis on matters of intergovernmental relations, international affairs and protocol;
  2. Work to enhance inter-sphere collaboration and play a key role in the advancement of KwaZulu-Natal’s intergovernmental priorities;
  3. Support the Premier in providing leadership in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal and enhance KwaZulu-Natal's international image and profile; and
  4. Lead the development of KwaZulu-Natal's overall intergovernmental strategy to support the three spheres of government in the advancement of the intergovernmental elements of key policy initiatives.
The IGR unit in the Office of the Premier is a Chief Directorate and comprises of the following three, dedicated, sub-directorates:
  • Coordinate Intergovernmental relations for the province;
  • Promotion of Intergovernmental cooperation through IGR protocols; and
  • Support to the Premier & Director-General on facilitating inter-sphere & inter-sectoral inter-governmental cooperation
  • Promote and strengthen relations with international stakeholders
  • Negotiation and Facilitation of Provincial MOUs
  • Promotion of International Relations that aligns the national policy and provincial needs and priorities
  • Provide Provincial Protocol Support Services
  • Protocol support for provincial and international engagements
  • Events Management and logistical support for IGR initiatives
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