Provincial Government Priorities


The six priorities are:

Ensure Food Security and Rehabilitation of Emerging Farmers

  • Provide mentorship, capacity building for farmers

  • Strengthen agricultural sector to create jobs and maximize export potential

Intensive Campaign to Fight Crime

  • Support community conflict resolution mechanisms and promotion of effective policing, utilizing the existing structures and police volunteers

  • Intensify fight against fraud and corruption

Support Health Reforms

  • Expand HIV and AIDS programmes

  • Prioritizing fight against tuberculosis

  • Improve conditions of employment for health workers

Improving Education

  • Promote adult education

  • Improve quality of education

  • Embark on grassroots mobilization for children to return to classes

  • Ensure children are at school learning, teachers are at school, in class on time, teaching

  • Refurbish schools in need of teaching facilities such as laboratories, libraries, etc

Building the Economy to Create Decent Jobs

  • Fight unemployment and eradicate poverty

  • Promote small enterprise development and build a cooperative movement

  • Devise strategies to mitigate the impact of global economic downturn

  • Protect jobs and mitigate the negative impact of retrenchments

Good Governance and Nation Building

  • Improve accountability and accounting

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